Dimension H&S
About Us
Make it Relevant and it Will Work.

Melissa is founder of Dimension H&S Ltd. A risk management consultant with over 20 years of experience in construction and 15 of those years spent in health and safety and risk management. Melissa provides expert advice and guidance to businesses looking to improve their risk management strategies. Melissa is passionate about a proactive and collaborative approach, and prides herself on providing practical, actionable advice that delivers results.

Melissa’s profound understanding of both strategic and operational management equips her with the prowess to navigate complex organizational landscapes. Moreover, her proficiency in change management ensures seamless integration of effective risk management practices within diverse entities. Melissa’s invaluable contributions have facilitated the mitigation of risks, ensuring optimal safety outcomes for numerous organisation.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the workplace by fostering a culture of safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Through innovative practices and simplified approaches, we aim to become a beacon of excellence, setting new standards that prioritize SHEQ principles while driving business growth and fostering long-term sustainability

Our Mission

It's about bringing knowledge and experience of the to the workplace to compliment business growth and sustainability when it comes to SHEQ. Keeping things simple .
Make it relevant and it will work.

Core Values

Trust - to building trusted working relationships with others in the industry
Integrity - delivering on what is promised
Simplicity - Keeping SHEQ management simple and relevant
Continuous Development - always learning and evolving with the ever changing landscape.